TCL 43-Inch 4K Smart LED Screen:
43" screen (measured diagonally from corner to corner)
4K Ultra HD Resolution + 4k Creative Pro Upscaling
2160p resolution for Ultra HD images
4 HDMI inputs
Built-in Roku + Wireless Connectivity

-Verify Wall Mount + Plate
-3 Prong Power Cable
-HDMI Cable
-Remote Control

USB format: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+
File formats: Video: MKV, MOV, MP4
Audio: AAC(5.1), MP3, WMA, WAV(PCM), AIFF, FLAC, AC3
Photo: JPEG, PNG (4kx4k), GIF (4kx4k)


1) Create a folder on your USB flash drive, and put the video(s) that you want to loop into that folder. Note: If you don't want the file name to show when the video(s) loop, delete the file name and save as an underscore or a blank space.
2) Plug your USB flash drive into the Roku TV.
3) Turn on the Roku TV, and navigate to Roku Media Player > Video and select your USB flash drive.
4) Navigate to the folder that you created earlier and select it.
5) Open the Options menu by pressing the “asterisk” button on your remote.
6) Scroll to "Repeat all" and toggle it on.
7) Press OK.
8) Press Play. The video(s) will now load and automatically start playing in a continuous loop.


Late Fee


Replacement Fee


Max. Per User


Max. Checkout Length

8 days

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