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2 x 2 HDMI Video Wall Matrix Controller

Full 1080P Takes 1 Video Input and Splits it into 4 Video Ouputs for 4 Displays (960 x 540P each). The Video Wall will take 1 video source (Media Player, Bluray, Flash Drive, Mac mini, etc.) to split the screen into 4 different sections to connect to 4 different displays (Screen and Projectors).

  • Fully customizable for 2x2, 1x2, and 2x1 video walls
  • 100% plug & play. No extra software or internet connection required.
  • HDMI, RCA Cable, USB Drive
  • Works with screen or projector with an HDMI input.
  • Remote Control, Infared Cable, and Carrying Case Included

How to Set Up a 2 x 2 video wall with HDMI input:
Equipment needed:
• Video Wall Controller & Remote
• 4 Screens or Projectors
• 5 HDMI Cords
• External Audio Player (Speakers) (Opt.)
• Media Player/Source & Remote
• Remote Control


A. Initializing the video wall
1. Start with video wall OFF, with video wall, TVs, and media player plugged in to power sources

  1. Connect media player via HDMI to video wall HDMI in port
    a. You can also connect a USB directly to the Video Wall, but the media player will provide a better interface and video quality

  2. Press “HDMI” button on the video wall remote to choose HDMI input

  3. Turn video wall on using power switch

  4. On video wall right panel, turn switches in the DID switch to “100000” to turn on Splicing Setup mode.

B. Setting up the screens
6. Using the universal TV remote (pointing at the TV you want to control), press “home” to get to the menu. On the home screen, select “HDMI 1 (ARC)”. The TV will connect to the media player.
a. Repeat for all screens.

  1. Press * on the TV remote to bring up menu. Set “Picture Size” to “normal” or “auto.”
    a. Repeat for all screens (setting all to same picture size).
    b. Set all TVs to same brightness setting.
    c. Go to “Advanced Picture Settings” -> “Dynamic Contrast” set all TVs to the same (off or on)

  2. On the video wall remote, press “1.” The green indicator light for 1 under “output selection” on the video wall controller will light up. If any other numbers, or “all,” are lit, press those buttons on the remote to turn them off.
    a. Press “Home” to get to the menu. Select “Splicing Setup.” Set both “Horizontal Count” and “Vertical Count” to 2.
    b. Set the panel number according to where this screen is set up in the grid.
    c. Make sure that “Show NO. SW” is set to Off.
    d. Repeat for all 4 screens.
    e. If the screens are improperly aligned, go to “Home”=> “Edge Adjust” and use the adjusters to move the images
    f. You can flip the image on a given screen upside down by pressing the return arrow key on the TV wall remote.

C. Sound
9. Plug an external speaker into the video wall “Audio Out” port

Films should be shot vertically
Video can be flipped vertically but may have black bars on top and bottom

Change Grid Size:
In “Splicing Setup,” set “horizontal count” to 3 and “vertical count” to 1 to make a 3 X 1 grid, set to 1 and 3 to make a 1 X 3 grid, etc.


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