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This is one speaker

This item comes with a blue wagon for transport.

If you are playing music with an iPhone, you must turn your settings to mono output. Go to Settings > Accessability > Audio/Visual

The JBL Eon 610 is a 500W average, 1000W Peak speaker capable of putting out 124 dB. That's about as loud as being in the front of a rock concert! You'll want these if you need sound to carry across a large room, or across a medium-sized courtyard. Don't forget to plan for extension cords, since this speaker needs to be plugged in to an outlet to work.

The speaker has very simple controls - two input channels that are XLR/Quarter Inch). One XLR output for daisy chaining. What this means is that you're probably good if you want to plug a microphone or guitar directly into it, but something like a phone you'll need an adapter for.

The EON 610 has three knobs - one to control the levels of each input (labelled "Signal"), and one master volume knob. Watch for the green indicator lights above each "Signal" knob - if they're flashing, your sound is being received. Watch out for the "Limit" light above the master level knob though - that's the speaker warning you that you're playing something that's too loud. There is also an EQ control with four presets, if you'd like to play with that.

This speaker is Bluetooth-compatible, but NOT FOR AUDIO. You will not be able to stream any sound through the Bluetooth - it is only used to remotely control the speaker's volume. Do not be fooled! Get the correct cables and adapters!

User Guide

Audio inputs

XLR-1/4” combination inputs (2x)

Audio outputs

XLR output

Useful Equipment:

¼ Inch Cable, 10ft
Lightning Cable to 3.5mm Adapter
USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter
3-pin XLR Cable
16" XLR Male to 3.5mm Male Mini TRS
Blue Icicle XLR to USB Mic Converter


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