Kensington wirelesspresenter



The Kensington Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer & Memory includes 1GB of memory and has been built with ease of use in mind. Conveniently portable, it frees users from distraction, facilitating complete focus on what matters most: the presentation. Wireless technology makes concentrating on students a breeze, freeing users from worrying about tangled wires and cords. The provided laser is bright and accurate while being easy to see and track.

Kit includes:

Wireless presenter with laser pointer
USB receiver


Late Fee


Replacement Fee


Max. Per User


Max. Checkout Length

4 days


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Name Serial Status
Red Pointer Remote: E1052A3767; USB dongle: B1052A3767 Available
Yellow Pointer Remote: E1052A3768; USB dongle: B1052A3768 checked out by Newlyn Joseph through Aug 16
Blue Pointer Remote: E1052A3383; USB dongle: B1052A3383 Available




  1. Check ID
  2. Location - M1
  3. Check for damage
  4. Piece 1 (Laser pointer)
  5. Piece 2 (Bag)
  6. (Piece 3) USB receiver
  7. Check batteries
  1. Check for damage
  2. Piece 1 (Laser pointer)
  3. Piece 2 (Bag)
  4. (Piece 3) USB receiver
  5. Check the batteries
  6. Location - M1
  7. Ask patron if they’re sure they have all parts of the kit

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