The Mackie SRM150 5" Compact Active PA System is proof that size doesn't matter. This little beauty is a combination of Mackie's mixer and SRM active loudspeaker in an attractive, tiny PA system which is not only portable but also powerful.

For positioning options, you can use the SRM150 as a personal monitor or mount it on a mic stand; the perfect PA for any application.


  • Built-in, three-channel mixer
  • Two combo XLR/line inputs
  • Stereo channel for CD/MP3
  • Powerful three-band active EQ

Kit includes:

Power cable
Audio cable
Instructions booklet
PortaBrace bag


Late Fee


Replacement Fee


Max. Per User


Max. Checkout Length

4 days


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Name Serial Status
Red Mackie PA System 203384900AKFU0389 Deactivated (Mackie PA is not working. Sound is fuzzy and not working well at all. JEB)
Blue Mackie PA System 203384900AKFK2288 Deactivated (keeps going on and off)




  1. Check ID
  2. Location - L1
  3. Check for damage
  4. Speaker (Piece 1)
  5. PortaBrace bag (Piece 2)
  6. Power cable (Piece 3)
  7. XLR - XLR cable (Piece 4)
  8. Audio cable (component - 3.5mm) (Piece 5)
  9. XLR - 3.5mm cable (Piece 6)
  1. Check for damage
  2. Speaker (Piece 1)
  3. PortaBrace bag (Piece 2)
  4. Power cable (Piece 3)
  5. XLR - XLR cable (Piece 4)
  6. Audio cable (component - 3.5mm) (Piece 5)
  7. XLR - 3.5mm cable (Piece 6)
  8. Ask patron if they’re sure they have all parts of the kit
  9. Location - L1

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