The Bass Circulation Desk is open limited hours over Fall Break: Plan to pick up and return your equipment accordingly!

The Bass Media Equipment Checkout (BMEC) Program and its services are available to Yale community members: anyone with a valid netID and password and Yale email address

Any questions/comments on the Terms of Service below or anything regarding the BMEC Program can be addressed to the BMEC Program administrator at:

Equipment and Availability

BMEC provides high-quality, “prosumer” models of digital media equipment. Equipment categories include, video cameras, still cameras, and microphones. A full list of equipment is available at:

Reservations and Checkouts

BMEC patrons can reserve equipment through the Reservations application:

Equipment is reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Equipment availability can be viewed on the Reservations application.

BMEC equipment can be checked out for up to four days at a time, unless otherwise specified in the equipment model description. Only one item from each equipment category may be checked out at once, e.g., one video camera and one microphone, unless otherwise specified in the equipment model description. Reservations must be picked up on the first day they are reserved, else the entire reservation will automatically void.

Equipment is checked out and checked in at the Bass Library circulation desk during circulation desk operating hours. Items cannot be returned after hours or through any Book Return slots. Any items not returned to circulation desk staff during circulation desk hours are subject to late and/or replacement fees (see Financial Responsibilities). If equipment left in Book Return slots is lost or damaged, it is also subject to late and/or replacement fees.

It is the sole responsibility of the patron to note the date their equipment is due, and to make arrangements such that the equipment can be checked in during circulation desk hours. Failure to verify due dates or library hours on the date of checkin will NOT result in fine exemption.

Groups planning to check out a large amount of equipment may NOT make multiple individual checkouts. They must fill out the extended checkout form in this case and wait for approval.

Equipment is due on or before the last day of the reservation, regardless of the existence of future reservations on the same kind of equipment: If a patron has back to back reservations for the same piece of equipment, the equipment must still be checked in and then back out. Failure to do so will incur overdue charges.

Extensions and Renewals

Some equipment is eligible for a one-day renewal, subject to availability. If renewal is possible, a "Renew Now" button will appear on your reservation page at one day before your equipment is due.

Extended Checkouts

Extended Checkouts may be granted if equipment is needed for longer than the standard checkout. Extended Checkouts must be requested in advance and are created by an administrator. Requests for Extended Checkouts are only processed Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Extended Checkout requests must be placed at least two (2) business days in advance, and are not guaranteed to be granted.

Extended Checkouts are created by an administrator on a first-come first-served basis, and only after receiving all necessary documentation.

The limit of one equipment item per equipment category per patron can be exceeded when requesting an extended reservation, but any request to reserve more than half of the currently available inventory for a given equipment item for the dates requested will not be granted. This policy includes requests made by the same patron, club, or organization. Some BMEC equipment is not eligible for extended checkout.

To request an extended checkout, the BMEC Program requires the following:

Administrators of the BMEC Program reserve the right to disable Extended Checkout privileges during times of high volume (usually the months of November and April). Priority is also given to academic projects, as opposed to personal projects.

Semester-long Extended Checkouts are not granted. If a piece of equipment is needed for class for an entire semester, it is up to the student to procure their equipment without abusing the BMEC Program policies.

Extended requests submitted through the "submit a request" feature of, instead of the above Google form, will be neither received nor fulfilled.

Proof of Property Insurance

Yale resources for personal property insurance can be found on the BMEC Program FAQs:

Proof of personal property insurance can be waived only if equipment will not travel internationally. If insurance is waived, the patron named on the reservation is responsible for paying replacement fines for any and all loss, theft, or damage that occurs while equipment is checked out.


BMEC Program equipment can travel internationally only after receiving the same documentation required for an Extended Checkout. Proof of personal property insurance cannot be waived for any equipment traveling internationally.

Financial Responsibilities

All BMEC Program patrons are solely responsible for the monetary value of any borrowed equipment. Any fees will be billed to the patron’s Yale University Library account. For students with Bursar accounts, Library fees and fines remain on the Library account for several days before being automatically moved to the Bursar account.

If equipment is being borrowed by an individual on behalf of an organization or department, the individual’s Yale University Library account will be billed with any late and/or replacement fees.

Given the cost of media equipment, the BMEC Program administrators highly recommend to all patrons that they consider purchasing the personal property insurance plans offered through Yale College and the Office of Risk Management. For more information, please see the BMEC Program FAQs or contact

If equipment is checked in after its due date, it is subject to the late fee listed on the equipment page at Equipment fees are assessed per day, per item, unless otherwise specified on Reservations. Reservations that remain overdue for longer than five (5) days may result in being banned from Reservations, and that person or group will be suspended from use the program or equipment for at least the rest of the semester.

Lost or damaged equipment is subject to repair fees and/or replacement fees, up to and including the market retail price for a replacement. The choice to repair or replace will be made at the sole discretion of the Lender. We do not accept physical replacements, as our equipment must meet departmental standards and requirements.

Negative Impact Policy

If overdue equipment results in a situation where the Bass Library circulation desk cannot check equipment out to the next patron who has materials reserved, you will be charged a Negative Impact fee of $50.00. Any difficulties that prevent you from returning equipment on time should be communicated to the BMEC Program administrator at

Personal Data

All BMEC patrons are responsible for any personal data present in any BMEC equipment. Personal data includes, but is not limited to, data on video cameras, still cameras, audio recorders, laptops, iPads, tablets, and cell phones. The BMEC program reserves the right to permanently delete any personal data from BMEC devices once those devices are checked in.

Secure Computing and the ITS Acceptable Use Policy

The BMEC program is administered by the Student Technology Collaborative, a department of Yale’s Information Technology Services (ITS).

BMEC patrons are highly encouraged to refer to ITS information on Secure Computing. Additionally, all BMEC patrons must abide by the ITS Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action; see the policy for more information.