The CCAM Lending Lab is closed during the summer, and will reopen for the Fall 2022 term. There are no reservations during this time.



  1. Pivot Arm
  2. AC Dimmer
  3. LED/Lamp Holder
  4. Reverse Legs Light Stand
  5. End Jaw Vice Grip
  6. Camera Bracket
  7. Swivel Umbrella Adapter
  8. Backlight Stand Base
  9. Super Clamp
  10. Large Clip Clamp
  11. Mini Grip Head #1
  12. Mini Grip Head #2
  13. Flex Arm
  14. Gaff Tape
  15. Road Rags Kit (Single and Double Scrims, 2 Folding Frames, Artificial Silk, Flag, Case)


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Max. Checkout Length

4 days

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