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With just a headset and controllers, Oculus Quest gives you the freedom to explore new worlds and immersive experiences throughout your playspace. Released in 2019, the Oculus Quest is one of the first untethered, wireless, stand-alone virtual reality systems, no PC required. Play with 6 DoF and a 95° field of vision.

Upon registering an Oculus account, play classic games* such as: Beat Saber, Superhot, and Job Simulator, and many more. Express your artistic vision with apps such as Tilt Brush that allow you to draw in 3 dimensions. Apps such as Netflix and YouTube VR allow for immersive consumption of video content. Still more, experience what has been hyped to be social media of the future with VRChat and AltspaceVR, and futuristic productivity tools such as Virtual Desktop and ImmersedVR.

*Many apps and games require purchase on the Oculus online store. Purchases remain with your Oculus account after the Oculus Quest headset is returned.

As of Fall 2020, Yale College courses that provide long-term check out of Oculus Quest are: ART 245 (Digital Drawing) and ART 184 (3D Modelling for Creative Practice).

Oculus Quest Features
Oculus Apps&Games

This kit includes:
-Oculus Quest Headset
-Two Touch Controllers
-15W Power Adapter
-AA Batteries
-Glasses Frame Friendly Spacer


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