An interactive garment and audio meditation/guided walk (duration 00:28 minutes : 28 seconds) available to check out from the CCAM Lending Lab equipment library. This is an opportunity, permission, and a framework to acknowledge the presence of those you love and loved.

The garment is one of three, designed using the clothing Carper’s ex left behind after a break up. A short sleeve button-down, 2 pairs of thong underwear, and a pair of denim shorts were all copied into paper patterns, and cut in new fabric. The un-sewn pieces were reconfigured in their reconstruction, blended together, and dispersed into 3 new garments.

The audio meditation was made in collaboration with dancer-educator Jeff Rehg, Carper's uncle, who passed away in 2001. Jeff wrote the score, Walking With the Dead, while Jeff was living with HIV, after his partner and countless friends passed away.

Music by Healing Potpourri and Metal Mother

Made by Camilla Carper


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