The DMCA has an array of equipment that may be borrowed by students enrolled in credit-bearing courses. This equipment includes digital video cameras, digital still cameras, lenses and accessories, microphones and stands, field lighting kits, field audio (DAT) kits, and location audio kits.

Loan period: Equipment may be borrowed for a period of up to 4 days.

Reservations: Equipment reservations may be made online. Borrowers are responsible for making their own reservations; DMCA staff does not support email bookings or phone requests.

Care and safety of borrowed equipment is the borrower’s responsibility. Proof of insurance is required for advanced equipment, as well as overseas and extended loans (see below). Insurance is highly recommended for all borrowers.
Advanced equipment may be borrowed only by users who have insurance coverage.

Equipment booth hours: The equipment booth is open Monday – Friday, 11 to 6pm. Equipment must be returned by 6pm on the day it is due. A late fee of $35 per day will be applied if equipment is returned late. The equipment booth is closed on Saturday and Sunday.


The Yale DMCA encourages students to pursue in-depth projects in the fulfillment of their academic assignments and makes available the privilege of extended equipment loans (more than 4 days) for projects that require equipment access during breaks in the regular academic year. To qualify for the privilege of extended borrowing access, borrowers must meet the following criteria:

• The borrower must be actively enrolled as a Yale student in a credit-bearing course.

• Extended borrowing over the Winter Break period is available only to those students who are enrolled in year-long arts courses at Yale.

• The borrower must present proof of insurance; a copy of insurance documentation shall be kept on file in the student’s borrowing record.

• The borrower assumes full liability for borrowed equipment, including full coverage of loss and/or repair, during the loan term.

• Equipment is available on a first come, first served [reservation] basis. Availability of equipment is not guaranteed. Reservation cancellations must be received at least 72 hours before the start of the loan period. Failure to use reserved equipment without reservation cancellation will result in revocation of the extended equipment loan privilege for the remainder of the academic year.

• Standard late fees of $35 per day apply to all borrowed equipment for any equipment returned after the agreed upon due date.