Hours of Operation for Spring 2018:

Monday - Frriday 2-6pm, Saturday 3-6pm

Please note that we are NO LONGER OPEN ON SUNDAYS.

For Extended Reservations, please fill out this CCAM Extended Reservations Form. The only requests for extended reservations (Longer time or multiple items) put through the form will be checked. The form will close for spring break at 6pm Tuesday, Mar. 6th, and reopen Mar. 26th

What is the CCAM Equipment Checkout Program?

The CCAM Equipment Checkout Program is an equipment checkout run out of the Center for Collaborative Arts + Media. It is available to Yale community members: anyone with a valid netID and password and Yale email address. All inquiries about the checkout or the Terms of Service should be directed to xinyuan.chen@yale.edu

The equipment booth is open Mon-Fri, 2 to 6pm, and Sat-Sun 3-6pm. Equipment must be returned by 6pm on the day it is due.

How Do I Make A Reservation?

Equipment reservations may be made online at reservations.yale.edu/dmca. Equipment is reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Equipment availability can be viewed on the Reservations website. Borrowers are responsible for making their own reservations; DMCA staff does not support email bookings or phone requests.

How Long Can I Take Something Out For?

Equipment may be borrowed for a period of up to 4 days. You must return the equipment during open hours the day that it is due, or incur a fine. (See What are my responsibilities for after taking out equipment?) All equipment is eligible for a one-day extension, available on reservations the day the equipment would be due. Note that this extension relies upon the equipment not being in demand the next day by our other users. The checkout will be closed during Winter Break, Spring Break, and over Summer Vacation. If you need extra equipment, or extra time, please see What if my needs are beyond the standard checkout?

What Are My Responsibilities After Taking Out Equipment?

Care, safety, and timely return of borrowed equipment is the borrower’s responsibility. If the equipment is damaged or parts of it are missing, all financial burden will fall to the client who last checked out the equipment. Any fees will be billed to the student’s Bursar accounts.

If equipment is being borrowed by an individual on behalf of an organization or department, the netID we have tied to the reservation will be billed with any late and/or replacement fees unless other arrangements are made with the BMEC Program administrator.

If equipment is returned late, a late fee will be charged per piece of equipment per day that it is late. Additionally, if another client requested that piece of equipment, a fee of $50 will be added on as a negative impact fee.

Personal data present in and CCAM equipment is the responsibility of the client. Personal data includes, but is not limited to, data on video cameras, still cameras, audio recorders, et al. The CCAM program reserves the right to permanently delete data from devices one they are checked in.

Insurance is highly recommended for all borrowers, and is absolutely required if the user is travelling out of New Haven with the equipment.. Information on extended loans can be found in What if my needs are beyond the standard checkout? Information about personal insurance can be found here.

What If I Need To Check Out An Advanced Piece Of Equipment?

If you need to check out the Ursa Mini or Sony NEX Cam, please make an appointment for a time when the equipment is in stock by emailing ccamcheckout@yale.edu. We will set you up with someone who can go through the camera with you so you are allowed to use it. Proof of insurance must be provided.

What If My Needs Are Beyond The Standard Checkout?

CCAM offers an extended checkout program for those who require more than the standard checkout. Extended reservations are activated when a reservation is created, but violated the 4 day limit or the amount of items per category limit. In that case, the reservation will not be immediately created but will be sent to a queue for review. You will receive an email whether the request was approved or denied. Requests for Extended Checkouts are only processed Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Please allow up to 3 business days for an extended reservations request to process. Priority will be given to academic projects. Requests of equipment loans longer than a month will NOT be approved.

If travel outside New Haven is included, you MUST provide proof of personal insurance. Information about personal insurance can be found here.

Extended borrowing over Break periods are only available to those students who require it for an academic purpose.

Just like a normal checkout, the client is liable for any and all damages, missing parts, or late fees the equipment may incur on an extended reservation.

Administrators of the CCAM Equipment Checkout reserve the right to disable Extended Checkout privileges during times of high volume (usually the months of November and April). Priority is also given to academic projects, as opposed to personal projects.

Semester-long Extended Checkouts are not granted. If a piece of equipment is needed for class for an entire semester, it is up to the student to procure their equipment without abusing the CCAM Program policies.

To use the equipment checkout, you must have read through this entire Terms of Service and agreed to all policies outlined within.