A full spectrum is offered full by 156 ultra-bright 5600K LEDs and 156 3200K LEDs, rendering soft light that's ideal for location and studio productions for both photographers and filmmakers. Control features include 10-100% dimming via a simple control while a second control adjusts the color temperature. You can choose 3200K or 5600K or anything in between to balance with ambient light or other fixtures. Settings appear on a rear LCD panel display that also shows the remaining battery level.
1 X LED-312DS Variable Color Light
2 X NP-F550 7.4V Batteries (2200mAh)
1 X Dual Battery Charger
1 X Ball Joint Bracket with Cold Shoe
1 X Multi-voltage AC adapter
1 X Car charger
1 X Collapsible barn doors,
1 X Slide-in diffusion and conversion panels
1 X Carrying case.


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